The Right Tools

When your dealership is looking for a new way to market, you need to be looking for tools that measure the right metrics. Trying the same old thing over and over with the same mediocre results, isn't going to improve your bottom line. You need to look at products that match your demographics.

If you are not marketing online, then you are leaving a whole market untouched and untapped. Your customers visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a multitude of various search engines. Your business development and marketing teams need to have a plan that includes all forms of digital marketing. You can't rely on the manufacture to send customers in your door or just hope that customers walk in. 

Attracting New Customers

You need to attract customers and gain their trust to make the sale. You need to have up front pricing that a consumer can compare to your competitors. Even if your pricing is higher than your competitor, that doesn't mean that you will lose the sale (unless you are way off the mark). 

Have a Plan

Your dealership needs to have a plan, which has a unified marketing effort across various marketing efforts. Your dealership's Business Development team or Marketing Firm should be familiar with cross platform marketing, which includes TV, Newspapers, Google and Social Media. They should have a solid plan to help you meet your sales goals. 

Selecting the Right Tools

If your marketing team isn't familiar with a CRM, then they need to be. It doesn't matter which CRM your dealership uses, get one. Without a CRM to track and log your leads, prospects and customer interactions, you are spinning your wheels and going no where. You should select one that can track phone, email and web interactions. 

Tools of the Trade

Every good marketing professional has a set of tools. Those tools they have come to depend on, but do you seek out new techniques? Does your team work to find new ways to do old things with better results? Do you utilize A/B testing on various mediums? Using A/B testing will help identify what stands out to customers and how they react to each marketing effort.


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