Avoid Becoming Reactionary in Your Marketing

You put yourself on the ropes and your competitors taking his swings by allow your competitors to dictate your marketing. They are able to dictate pricing, availablity and much more when you are at their whim. 

Your dealership should lead the way not follow the trend by setting a new level of customer service and price. By pricing an oil change at $24.95 or more you isolate your dealership from many more profitable services.

A recent announcement from AT&T to match T-Mobile's campaign to keep your data, shows how reactionary the telecom giant has become. Last week T-Mobile announced their "It's your data, why can't you keep it?" campaign. As a knee jerk reaction AT&T responded today with a campaign in kind, which they called "Rollover Datasm". A campaign which was not completely thought out, instead a quick response to T-Mobile.

Richard Branson's, CEO of T-Mobile, has been in the public's eye for lashing out at the major telecoms. He continued attacks on the old telecom business have been one of T-Mobiles largest selling points. His relentless attacks have increased T-Mobile's market share throughout all of 2014.

Reactionary Marketing

Sometimes as a company competing in a fiercely competitive market you may have to respond to market trends. Those trends are set by market demand and your closest competitor's actions. AT&T's dwarfs T-Mobile' market share in multiple markets across the country. It is telling of AT&T of how much they consider T-Mobile a competitor and a trendsetter.

Contrary to market trends, AT&T should have clearly set the way with additional efforts to stave off competition. AT&T could have met the trend of "Rollover data" and a decrease in pricing, would have set them apart. AT&T's reactionary campaign will only continue to allow T-Mobile to eat in to their market share and profits. Instead of following the herd, AT&T has shown who the real market leader is, T-Mobile. 

In order to established your dominance in the marketplace, you need to become a market force to up-end your competitors like T-Mobile. By forcing your competitors to respond to your marketing campaigns they lose focus of their own campaigns, allowing them to eat your lunch.

What are you doing to be a trendsetter? Make your competition back-peddle to catch up.

Be Ahead of the Game

Set your dealership apart from your competition by providing customers with options to communicate with your dealership. You not only have to be aware that customers who are interested in a new vehicle first shop online, you have to live it. Your dealership needs to provide an update to date website that displays your current vehicle inventory. Your website needs to provide options for customers who are looking to have their vehicle serviced. 

Your website check list should include:

  • Current Inventory
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Service Scheduling
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimizations

*Plus if your website integrates into your CMS

Create a Marketing Plan

Your dealership needs a marketing plan. If you don't have one yet, start it now. If you are changing your branding, now is the time to do it. You need to do more than identify monthly goals. Your dealership needs to plan a year or more down the road. You need to identify and predict market changes, they don't have to be accurate yet just be in the ballpark. 

Your dealership needs to forecast sales and service revenue. In order to properly forecast revenue, you need to first look at your historical data and the changing economic and employment trends. Your dealership needs to take demographics to a whole new level, and you have to be able to visualize it in the future.

Every marketing plan should include traditional forms of contact such as postcards or letters to attract sales and service customers. Your plan should be a long term plan for your dealership's marketing efforts for seasonal products and services. Your marketing efforts should include manufacturer suggestions, regional services and best in your market pricing for all of your products and services. 


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