Drive Your Customers

Without your customers there would not be a dealership. Listening to what drives customers, their needs and wants is an important part of every salesperson's job. Are you listening? Are you listening to market hype or your customer's needs?

Many things drive customers into your dealership and it's not just the price. It is cleanliness, convenience, distance and more. Your dealership continues to look to the manufacturer for direction on how to improve customer satisfaction index scores, but have you taken the time to ask your customers how to improve their experience?

You are not going to attract customers who believe that your store is too far, dirty or just a hassle. You can however lower their opposition to many of the common complaints or perception. Asking your customers how you can improve is the first step to understanding your customer's need and desires. 

Driven Success

You can drive customers into your store by providing a positive environment and experience. The success of your store depends on serving customers in ways that is best for them. 

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