Changing the Way Business is Done

There are companies who are bucking the trends, and doing business in a whole new way, one such company is Carvana

Carvana is changing how consumers buy cars online and they are getting noticed in a big way. Car buying is stressful, with high pressure tactics and haggling over pricing. Carvana is changing all of that, letting consumers avoid the stress by sit in the comfort of their home while searching for a car.

What makes Carvana standout is their model of deliverying the vehicle to the consumer. Consumers can then drive the car for 7 days before making the final buying decision. With a 7 day return guarantee, Carvana allows customers more than the standard 10 minute test drive before making a very important financial decision. Carvana's unique perspective on the old "Test Drive" not only sets them apart from the brick and mortar car dealerships but instills a renewed confidence in the car buying experience.

What are you doing to change your customer's mind to do business with you instead of your competitor? Does your service department have extended hours? Do you provide loaner cars or courteous drivers to pick up and drop off customers when their vehicle is being serviced? 

What are you doing to be a trendsetter in your industry? Do something that will have your customers stunned, while also changing their mind about their buying experience and they will rave about it. Whatever you decide to do, it does not have to be expensive. It does not have to be elaborate

  • Don't just offer customers coffee, make it for them
  • Don't just provide them with a list of vehicle problems, walk them through it
  • Don't isolate waiting customers in a closed off waiting room, allow them to see the work on their vehicle
  • Don't just watch customers browse vehicles, help them understand the vehicles they are looking at
  • Don't publicize your internal sales competitions on whiteboards for customers to see, they are not just another sale.

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