Building Relationships With Potential Customers

Building relationships with potential customers takes time and patience. Once a customer buy from you, the sales process is not over. Every customer requires follow-up and maintainence. What are you doing to track those metrics and help your sales team meet those goals?

Utilizing a CRM in your dealership's sales and service departments will help you track your customer contacts. It helps you identify metrics to better assist your customers needs and wants. Metrics you should demand from your CRM

Track Customer ROI

Your CRM should be more than a log of actions your sales/service team does. It should also track your customer's interactions with your sales team by logging email click-throughs, AdWord Marketing, Website Leads and Direct Mail marketing efforts. Your CRM should be a centralized glimpse of your dealership's marketing performance.

Track Sales/Service Interactions

Sales and Service interaction is important to detemine your dealership's CSI. By utilizing automated phone and email surveys you can address problems quickly and improve your CSI

Measure Sales Performance

Your CRM should track emails and phone calls of your sales team with customers. Providing you with detailed metrics of your sales team and areas for improvement.

Marketing ROI

Tracking the return on investment for email, phone and direct mail marketing efforts is vital to determine the success of each marketing campaign. Using A/B testing in digital, print and audio advertising provides detailed metrics of customer's interest.

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