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Product Road Map 2016

An insight into the delvings behind the scenes at shapemetrics and the path to a unified marketing platform.

VIN Validation - Improved

After publishing the orignal VIN validation algorithm, we realized a need for more information about why the VIN failed validation. Below we improved on the orignal boolean (true/false) algorithm to provide various status messages to help you identify the errors within your data. 

VIN Validation - Part III

In previous articles, we published the C# source code to validate VIN & how the algorithm works. In this blog, I am going to cover an adapted algorithm to over come the weakness in some of the VIN algorithm. This algorithm assumes that the VIN has already been validated. It returns a keying value that can be used to find the correct VIN.

VIN Validation - Part I

Validating VIN's is just as important as validating any other peice of data in a program. You will find a routine that is derived from the widely known algorithm, which the details are published on Wikipedia

Avoid Becoming Reactionary in Your Marketing

Force your competition to focus on your marketing campaigns and take their eye off the ball, T-Mobile has done just that to AT&T. Now AT&T is playing catch-up as T-Mobile continues to grow their market share.

Kaprekar's Constant

As a fan of numbers and programming, we thought it would be nice to provide an example of Kaprekar's constant. It is a rather interesting algorithm and thought you might enjoy. 

VIN Validation - Part II

Decoding information from vehicle Identication Number is simple. Each manufacturer utilizes the vehicle descriptor section in the manner they see fit. The first section is called the WMI, and is the first 3 characters of the VIN. It is issued by the Society of Automotive Engineers. There is much confusion surrounding how the WMI works and how it is assigned.

New Website!

After years of throwing ideas around and many months of planning, we are happy to finally announce our new start-up: shapemetrics. 

Beta VIN Validation

Free validation web service to allow dealerships, fleet transport and other business validate their vehicle identification numbers.

Change the Way You Do Business

Are you just part of the pack? What are you doing like Carvana to change the way your industry does business? Improve your customers buying experience just like Carvana is doing.

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