About Us

shapemetrics' is a new start-up, who is looking to change how dealerships view and manage their customer interaction. We aim to provide measurable metrics of your customer base. Allowing you to view your customers in a whole new way, both visually and interactively. 

Our Staff

Rusty Davis

Rusty is the mastermind behind the shapemetrics. Rusty graduated from Penn State World Campus in May '14 with an Associates of Science in Information Science and Technology. Rusty has 15+ years of experience developing development for the direct mail industry. Rusty is an amatuer photographer but still an advid shutterbug.

Rusty Davis, Founder
Kim Davis

Kim and Rusty have been together for 15 years. Kim manages the schedule and the books. She keeps shapemetrics on time and on budget. Beyond shapemetrics, Kim focuses on her kids and family.

Kim Davis, Vice President
Kirk Miles

Kirk has over 20 years of experience in the Customer Service and Sales Industry. He has 8 consecutive years of experience managing store fronts with over $150,000 in inventory and generating $1,200,000 in annual sales revenue while minimizing operating costs. Kirk enjoys interacting with Customers and determining a solution based on their needs. He is passionate in assisting his sales team meet both their personal and professional goals, with honesty and integrity. 

Kirk Miles


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